George Brown College Chef School: Advanced French Pastry Program

Post Grad Students from GBC’s Advanced French Patisserie class has integrated part of their program into Sweetery in which aspiring student chefs are required to showcase one masterpiece as part of their final evaluation.

Get to know them on paper below and come out to Sweetery to meet them in person!

Niamh O'RourkeFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet

My favourite sweet is chocolate. I love dark milk and white, chocolate bonbons, I love all chocolate.

Toby TanFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet

Favourite dessert would be gelato because it is creamy and dense in flavour.

Jayaindran Joy NairFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet

Gateau de Voyage. Why because it’s a combination of sweet and citrus, easy to carry and also a great gift!

Ruwan JayathungaFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet


Karthika ChandanaFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet

Milk Chocolate Banana Caramel Entremet. The marriage of flavours and the ingredients are my favouirte.

Katrina YoungFrench Pastry Chef
Favourite Sweet

If I have to pick only one I’d pick Pain Au Chocolat.

Head Chef Christophe Measson's Advanced French Patisserie Program

Acquire the techniques that make French pastries famous around the world. Experience the special connection between food and life in France. Embrace the patisserie experiences and courses in French art and culture that will deepen your understanding of this great tradition. The Advanced French patisserie – postgraduate program delivers this and more.

Through this program, you will:

  1. Experience hands-on learning in both Canada and France with the pre-eminent French chef professors in the country.
  2. Build your knowledge of French pastry and culinary traditions and embrace emerging trends in French pastry.
  3. Benefit from our exclusive Canadian partnership with ENSP, the world-famous Ducasse school; Ecole National Superieure de la Patisserie, near Le Puy en Velay and Lyon, France, which is one of France’s finest pastry chef schools.
  4. Experience the vineyards, cheese producers and local markets of France as your open-air classroom.
  5. Study in some of the best patisserie, bakery, restaurants and hotels, where you will get attention, training and an inspiring experience.

You will put theory into practice as you are showcased alongside French top talent and serve discerning urban diners in the heart of Toronto’s culinary scene.

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