Sweetery Sponsorship Package 2020

Sat August 8 to Sun August 9

Sweetery Toronto Food Festival is a not-for-profit organization.

Our mandate is to create a local event that will promote and showcase the whimsical world of confectionery and culinary arts in the Greater Toronto Area. We are working with chefs, artists, food enthusiasts, critics and students to create an engaging experience that is both unique and affordable.

What began as a small community food event, Sweetery quickly bloomed into a city-wide sweets festival in a short period of time.

Food festivals are a huge draw in the City of Toronto as festival goers can get a taste of Toronto’s culinary excellence in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Within these festival grounds, sweet vendors are typically among the most popular crowd pleasers offering a variety of sweet delectables for those who can never complete a meal without something sweet. The sweets festival category was a big void that desperately needed to be filled and Sweetery was naturally born to take on this task.

Sponsorships are the pillar to any food festival

The team at Sweetery puts its priority towards ensuring that sponsors are our utmost priority as we realize the importance of their role in any festival.  We are committed to providing legendary customer service and ultimate flexibility when implementing a sponsorship collaboration. Our not-for-profit organization depends on sponsors to assist in the immense costs required to run a successful event, and we wholeheartedly, thank you for your support!


Toronto has no shortage of food festivals and the opportunity to gorge on delectable local foods drives people in hordes. Up until a few years ago, Toronto had missed the mark on one category of food: the sweets! Given the festival’s immense success last year, we are proud to present the 6th Annual Sweetery Toronto Food Festival. We aim to be dubbed the largest sweets summer festival ever hosted in the country attracting an estimated 65,000 sugar craving individuals to this weekend event. With your support, the festival will be held at the heart of downtown Toronto at David Pecaut Square (King and John Street) on August 8-9, 2020 to celebrate all things confectionery.

The aim is to attract not only our local community, but also visitors from around the world to show them what Toronto has to offer. Festival participants will sample culinary delights from aspiring chefs, taste a variety of distinctive award winning delectables, and partake in interactive fun-filled activities such as a scavenger hunt, a taste testing challenge, carnival games, live musical performances and a movie night.

Being a sponsor at this event, your company can continue to grow Toronto’s wonderful confectionery food scene, and partake in advertising initiatives which will target an estimated 75,000 patrons. Moreover, with effective marketing strategies and social media efforts, it is likely that awareness of your company will reach well into the millions.

Nine Reasons to be a Sponsor

Target Specific Audience
Increase Market Share
Positive Brand Awareness
Large-Scale Media Exposure
Variety of Marketing Mediums
Market Data Collection
Test New Products
Audience Insights
Flexible Packages

Promotions and Demographics

At this fun-filled, all-ages food festival, your contribution will help support our local culinary community of chefs and students while providing brand awareness to the wide array of festival attendees. Based on the growth of our festival over the years, we anticipate a strong turnout again this summer of over 75,000 patrons. We promote our festival through a variety of mediums, including but not limited to transportation ads, radio, television and social media, which can further enhance your company’s exposure.

Gardiner/DVP Banners
Newspaper Ads
Social Media / Blogs
Radio / Television Segments
Guerrilla Marketing
632292019 Attendees
58% Female
26Average Age
36Number of Media Outlets
1187Instagram Posts
750002020 Expected Attendees

Sponsorship Details

Our team at Sweetery is committed to providing a sponsorship package that caters to your company’s needs. Below are three standard packages that are examples of what we can provide based on your financial commitment. However sponsorship comes with varying levels of flexibility and can be tailored and developed according to your objectives, budget, and specific requirements. 


One Available

Presenting Title Sponsor
Logo Adjacent to Sweetery
Logo on Website Title
Logo on Volunteer Tshirts
Logo on Promotional TTC Banners
Logo on Festival Posters and Bridge Banners
Logo on Printed Ads
Logo on Stage Banners

10ft x 10ft Company Booth
Festival Grounds Entrance Branding
On-Site Promotional Campaigns
Radio/TV Plugs
In-Store Promotional Material
Social Media Plugs
MC Plugs During Live Performances
Online Featured Posts
Website Linked




Logo on Volunteer Tshirts
Logo on Promotional TTC Banners
Logo on Festival Posters and Bridge Banners

10ft x 10ft Company Booth
In-Store Promotional Material
Social Media Plugs
Online Featured Posts
Website Link





Logo on Volunteer Tshirts
Logo on Stage Banners

Social Media Plugs
Online Featured Posts
Website Link


Connect With Us

Sponsorship comes with varying levels of flexibility and can be tailored and developed according to your objectives, budget, and specific requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to chat: info@sweeterytoronto.com