Sweetery Vendor Package 2018

Sat August 11 to Sun August 12


Sweetery Toronto Food Festival is a not-for-profit organization.

Our mandate is to create a local event that will promote and showcase the whimsical world of confectionery and culinary arts in the Greater Toronto Area. We are working with chefs, artists, food enthusiasts, critics and students to create an engaging experience that is both unique and affordable.

What began as a small community food event, Sweetery quickly bloomed into a city-wide sweets festival in a short period of time.

Food festivals are a huge draw in the City of Toronto as festival goers can get a taste of Toronto’s culinary excellence in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Within these festival grounds, sweet vendors are typically among the most popular crowd pleasers offering a variety of sweet delectables for those who can never complete a meal without something sweet. The sweets festival category was a big void that desperately needed to be filled and Sweetery was naturally born to take on this task.

Vendor's are the pillar to any food festival

The team at Sweetery puts its priority towards ensuring that vendors are always being taken care of as we realize the importance of their role in any festival.  We are committed to providing excellent customer service and continuous support throughout the year. If the vendors are happy, naturally the attendees will be happy.


Toronto has no shortage of food festivals and the opportunity to gorge on delectable local foods drives people in hordes. Up until recently, Toronto had missed the mark on one category of food: the sweets! Given the festival’s immense success year over year, we are proud to present the 4th Annual Sweetery Toronto Food Festival. We aim to be dubbed the largest sweets summer festival ever hosted in the country attracting an estimated 50,000 sugar craving individuals to this weekend event. With your support, the festival will be held at the heart of downtown Toronto at King and John Street on August 11-12, 2018 to celebrate all things confectionery.

The aim is to attract not only our local community, but also visitors from around the world to show them what Toronto has to offer. Festival participants will sample culinary delights from aspiring chefs, taste a variety of distinctive award winning delectables, and partake in interactive fun-filled activities such as a scavenger hunt, a taste testing challenge and a search for the “golden ticket” to name a few.

Being a vendor at this event, your company can continue to grow Toronto’s wonderful confectionery food scene, and partake in advertising initiatives which will target an estimated 50,000 patrons. Moreover, with effective marketing strategies and social media efforts, it is likely awareness of your company will reach well into the hundreds of thousands.

Food Tent Vendor

Food Tent Vendors will be given a tent and basic necessities to setup shop on Sweetery grounds. They will have to chance to showcase their classic delicatessens or new innovative masterpieces to festival attendees.

Merchandise Vendor

Pre-packaged food or a food-related merchandise are a perfect fit for merchandise vendors where attendees can snack on or take home a piece of your creation. Past vendors included pre-packaged butter tarts, chocolate, tea leaves, themed cookies and jewelry.

Food Truck Vendor

Vendors who own their own food truck may park their mobile kitchen on Sweetery grounds. It is a prefect way to showcase your branded truck and as well as your inventive food offerings.

Promotions and Demographics

Every food festival undoubtedly contains sweet food vendors that attract major crowds. At this fun-filled, all-ages festival, you will be able to increase brand awareness for your company and test out new culinary creations you have been working on. We are expecting a strong turnout at this unique, one-of-a-kind event in a city where festivals are extremely popular. 

Marketing and promotions is primarily our focus for this festival to ensure a strong attendance. Sweetery utilizes the majority of the vendor fee towards promoting the event through social media, bridge banners, ttc ads and much more. Focusing on marketing has allowed us to grow the attendees from 30k to 50k in a span of a year and hopes to continue on this trend at this years event. Sweetery uses a variety of techniques to conclude an average count and demographic data of the attendees including hand-held counters, surveys and video capture.

Highway Banners
Newspaper Ads
Social Media / Blogs
Radio / Television Segments
Guerrilla Marketing
516442017 Attendees
57% Female
25Average Age
46Number of Media Outlets
981Instagram Posts
650002018 Expected Attendees

Vendor Details

Sweetery is hosting its 4th Annual Sweetery Toronto Food Festival on August 11-12, 2018 in the heart of downtown Toronto at King Street and John Street (David Pecaut Square). The festival will run from 1pm-11pm on Saturday and 1pm-9pm on Sunday. The event can accommodate fifty (50) vendors and six (6) food trucks. These spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be aware of all the deadlines and that there are no refunds after May 31, 2018 as funds have already been forfeited to pay for rentals and venue fees.

Vendor Application

Applications will be accepted starting January 1, 2018. To be part of the festival, please complete the application form below and submit it along with payment in the form of an e-transfer to info@sweeterytoronto.com to ensure it is secure and that it is recorded for both parties. If an e-transfer is not an option, a certified cheque, money order and draft can be accepted with prior arrangements. Simply email us at info@sweeterytoronto.com to arrange an alternate payment method. We will not accept any applications without payment. All applications are due before June 30, 2017. Vendor spots are limited, therefore acceptance is not guaranteed. You will be notified within 5 business days if your application has been accepted and a detailed package of the event will follow after submission of the application. Full payment will be returned if your application is not accepted.

Liability Insurance

Vendors are required to obtain Liability Insurance covering property damage, theft, public liability or other insurances, as necessary. The insurance should be $2 million for the event weekend (August 11-12, 2018) and labeled as City of Toronto, Oxford Properties and Sweetery Food Festival at 55 John Street, Toronto, ON M5V 3C6. Sweetery will not be responsible for any theft, damage, claims, costs or expenses experienced by the vendors and its affiliates.

Special Event Temporary food establishment vendor package (Toronto public Health )

Vendors are required to have at least one individual with a food handling license and complete the Special Event Temporary Food Establishment Vendor Package by Toronto Public Health, which is also provided for you. Please submit this package with the Sweetery application form.

Booth / Signage

Each vendor will be assigned a booth location as determined by Sweetery. We will provide each vendor a 10’x10’ tent and a 6’x2.5’ table. Vendors are required to confine their activities to the limits of their allotted space. If required, vendors can purchase an additional 10’ x 10’ tent for more space. Signage and food displays must be provided by the vendor. Vendors may display their own signs provided that they are confined within their booth (max. width 10’) and not be hanging on the front of the tent. A booth setup schedule will be sent prior to the festival and all vendors must adhere to this schedule.


Lighting will be provided for this event, but electricity will not be. An additional cost of $100 will be required for a powerbar to power 120V appliances including blenders, small toaster ovens, mini fridges and hot plates. Any additional power requirements will require approval from Sweetery and entail additional costs. Please note that water will NOT be provided. However, Sweetery vendors will have access inside Metro Hall where there are filtered water fountains and sinks.

Waste and Garbage

We strongly encourage the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials when serving your food. It is crucial to keep your booth as clean as possible by disposing of any garbage to the garbage/recycling bins on-site. Sweetery will provide multiple recycling/garbage bins around the site, please sort your items accordingly. There will be on-site volunteers and custodial staff removing garbage throughout the festival.


The City of Toronto has graciously given us permission to use the Metro Hall washroom facilities that are maintained by custodial staff throughout the festival. The washroom facility is open to the public.


Festival security will patrol the festival grounds all day. However, they will not provide 24-hour security presence exclusively for each vendor. Therefore, we recommend that vendors are aware of their surroundings and have adequate supervision during the set-up and take-down process at the event.

Menu Choices

Sweetery wants to ensure festival attendees can sample a range of different products. Thus, please indicate on the application form, in order of preference, what items you would like to offer for sale at the festival including one Sweetery “Tasting” item or amuse bouche priced at $3 (Ex: sample size). Sweetery is aiming to create a tasting menu theme where festival goers can sample a variety of different products thus circulating more people around each booth. We are looking for unique creations you think that will really satisfy Toronto’s sweet tooth. Let your wild imagination run free! As for your menu items, we strongly recommend you price each food item around $5-8 to maximize sales. These numbers are drawn from the success of previous food festivals.

Secondary Vendor Package

After payment and application has been received, we will be sending out a more detailed vendor package of the festival details in July. Should you have any questions in the mean time, do not hesitate to send us an email at info@sweeterytoronto.com

Cancellation Policy

Vendors may withdraw from the event before May 31, 2018, but a $100 processing fee will apply. No refunds will be issued after May 31, 2018 as funds would have been forfeited to pay for equipment rental, venue rental and advertisements.


Super Early Bird Deadline

$650 Tent Vendor Fee
$600 Food Truck Fee


Early Bird Deadline

$750Tent Vendor Fee
$700 Food Truck Fee


Normal Deadline

$850 Tent Vendor Fee
$800 Food Truck Fee

How to Sign Up

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.  Complete the application below and the city food permit  >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<

2.  Send your e-transfer to info@sweeterytoronto.com

3.  Email proof of $2 million liability insurance no later than July 15, 2018
(City of Toronto, Oxford Properties, Sweetery Food Festival,  55 John Street, Toronto, ON M5V 3C6)